Mančesterio lietuvių nuotraukos | Photographs of Manchester's Lithuanians

1958 old LSC behind Church Inn

The building to the left of the Church Inn in this picture, behind the petrol station, is the first location of the Lithuanian Social Club.
In 1903 it was a church called Šw.Kazimierza or St.Casimir’s. It was attended by ethnic Lithuanians, ethnic Poles and ethnic Ukrainians (Rusniy). They had migrated from what was then the west of Imperial Russia and came to live in this area. They collected money to buy the church. The priest came from Germany but was Polish. He lived next door at no.26.
A community association named the Slavic Club (1910) was a self-help group which supported its Eastern European members in case of illness or accidents at work.
In 1930, when enough money was collected, the church was transferred to Oldham Road.
This building became the Lithuanian Social Club and remained so until World War 2. The Club then moved to Rochdale Road and later to Middleton Road.
In 1958 the building was still standing until that block of land was cleared to build Collyhurst Police Station, which has since been demolished.


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