Chairmen of Lithuanian Club

1925 J.Rudzevičius
1931 V.Valinskas
1947-1950(I)  S.Misiukevičius
1950(II) V.Astrauskas
1951 M.Kriaučionis
1952-1953(I) L.Venckus
1953(II) A.Pakalnis
1954-1958 A.Kuzmickas
1959  A.Pakalnis
1960-1961 Ant.Jaloveckas
1962 A.Kuzmickas
1963 A.Kublinskas
1964-1966 V.Kupstys
1967 A.Kublinskas
1968 D.Dainauskas
1969 V.Kupstys
1970 L.Puras
1971 A.Stankevičius
1972 J.Verbickas
1973-1976 V.Bernatavičius
1977-1978 V.Kupstys
1979 J.Podvoiskis
1980 A.Jeloveckas
1981 V.Kupstys
1982 P.Podvoiskis
1983(I) H.Silius
1983(II)-1984 V.Bernatavičius
1985-1999 A.Podvoiskis
2000-2001 H.Vaineikis
2002-2003 P.Virbickas
2004 O.Virbickas
2005-2010 F.Bernatavičius

Simas Misiukevicius

Antanas Jeloveckas

Vladas Kupstys

Arkadijus Podvoiskis

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3 Responses to Chairmen of Lithuanian Club

  1. Maria Hood says:

    Hi, my name is Maria Hood, my grandfather was chairman of the Lithuanian club in 1925, Jozas Rudzevicius [Juozas Rudzevičius] I would be very grateful if anyone has any information about him.

  2. Simon Victors says:

    My name is Simon Victors, I live in Somerset and was born in London. My father was born in Manchester in 1927, the youngest child of Victor and Francesca Valinskas from Mencupia (Menkupiai) nr Mariampolie (Marijampolė) b1903 and 1905 respectively.
    I have his presentation watch engraved “For services to the Lithuanian community as Chairman of The Manchester Lithuanian Society “.

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