Lithuanian families in 1901 census

My Grandfather was born in Lithuania and came over to Manchester around the 1885 period.  On the 1901 census he and his parents were living in Sanitary Street (later Anita St) and were slipper workers.  The family is listed as all born in Russia -British subjects.  Other families that were born in Russia in the area were identified as being non British subjetcs.  Does anyone know how these were identified?
Our family have been trying for over 20 years to trace our Lithuanian roots but the family seemed to have Anglised their name to Daniels so we do not know what the Lithuanian name was.  Any help or advice we would be grateful for.
Thank you

Paula Bradbury

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  1. Susan Standish says:

    I too am looking for relatives, my family lived in Strangeways Manchester, and went by the name of Williams. I have recently discovered their original surname is Orentas. The 1911 Census has a number of names born in Russia (Lithuania) and three in Manchester but I have not been able to find a birth certificate for any of them. Am waiting for the 1921 Census to come out so I can fill in the intervening years.

  2. Rita thompson says:

    We have since discovered from the 1911 census records that our original family name was Stankus.

    • Admin says:

      I personally don’t know of a Stankus family from this time. I did know one who came after WW2 and lived in Ashton-under-Lyne or East Manchester. He was a big chap but had no children. Today, there are people with that surname in the Manchester area but I have not had contact with them.

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