1917 Support Society

The Support Society was formed on 6th May 1917. Its first committee was Pranas Puodžiūnas, Jonas Muraška and Juozas Trečiokas.

If stopped working after WWI when many Lithuanians left for Scotland and America.

In 1920, the focus turned to supporting the newly independent Lithuania. A committee was formed comprising chairman J.Rudzevižius, secretary P.Slivinskas, treasurer P.Puodžiūnas.  Its principal activity was to collect donations for Lithuania. They gave the first £35 to a man to take it to Lithuania but he kept it. They collected another £64 and sent it via the Lithuanian Minister in London, K.Bizauskas.

Pranas Puodžiūnas


Jonas Muraszka (Muraška)

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